Free eBook – Godot Game Development for Beginners

We’re overjoyed to bring you our latest eBook: Godot Game Development for Beginners. With tutorials created by experienced game developer Daniel Buckley, this eBook will set you on an exciting path of 2D and 3D game development with the open-source Godot game engine.  You’ll learn to create platformers, RPGs, first-person shooters, and more as you dive … Read more

How to Make a Strategy Game in Godot – Part 1

How to Make a Strategy Game in Godot - Part 1

Introduction Whether turn-based, real-time, or resource management based, strategy games remain cemented in the world as one of the most popular genres.  This is why numerous beginning and experienced developers alike dream of creating their own strategy games and building a balanced, challenging gameplay experience.  So, what if we told you that making your own … Read more

Create an Action RPG in Godot – Part 2

Create an Action RPG in Godot - Part 2

Introduction Welcome back to this tutorial series where we’re building a 3D action RPG from scratch with Godot.  In Part 1, we covered a lot of  ground with how to make an action RPG with Godot, including: Creating the project Setting up the environment Implementing the third-person player controller Building collectible gold coins While these … Read more