Free eBook – Godot Game Development for Beginners

We’re overjoyed to bring you our latest eBook: Godot Game Development for Beginners. With tutorials created by experienced game developer Daniel Buckley, this eBook will set you on an exciting path of 2D and 3D game development with the open-source Godot game engine.  You’ll learn to create platformers, RPGs, first-person shooters, and more as you dive … Read more

Create a First Person Shooter in Godot – Part 2

Create a First-Person Shooter In Godot - Part 2

Introduction Welcome back, and I hope you’re ready to finish creating our Godot FPS tutorial. In Part 1, we set up our arena, our player character, our FPS camera, our gun, our bullets, and even our red enemies.  However, while we certainly implemented the shooting mechanics, our enemies can’t yet damage players, get damaged themselves, … Read more

Create a First-Person Shooter In Godot – Part 1

Create a First-Person Shooter In Godot

Introduction Welcome to the tutorial, and get ready to learn some in-demand skills for creating first-person shooter games!   Throughout this tutorial, we will work with the 3D aspects of the Godot game engine to enhance your foundations when it comes to action game development.  Additionally, we’ll be creating a first-person shooter from scratch, which will … Read more